Hello February!

Can you believe it’s already February!!!  Only 11 months till Christmas!!!  Before we think about that we need to let you know what’s going on with the Jonathans this month.  We begin the first weekend of February at the Gulf Coast Quartet Convention in Orange Beach, AL.  Pastor Paul Smith has coordinated this entire event and the Jonathans are honored to be a part of it.  We’ll be sharing the stage with some wonderful singers and musicians like The Hoppers, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Phil Cross, HisSong, and our friends from right down the road here…..Hope’s Journey and the Paul Family.  Tickets are still available if you’d like to be a part of this 3-day event at the Conference Center at the Wharf, in beautiful Orange Beach.  We’re there all 3 days so be sure to stop by and say “hi”!  If you come along, bring your golf clubs……Eric and Tory (sound man) are planning a golf outing and will probably need some supervision!!

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Hey friends……WOW, what a weekend we had!!!  Fort Smith, Arkansas was fantastic on Friday night with our friends The Savage Family.  It was so good to see Tom and renew acquaintances once again, and meet his wonderful family.  They are such sweet people and we thoroughly enjoyed our first trip to Fort Smith.  We didn’t think it could get any better but it did!  Saturday night’s church in Oklahoma City was packed out.  I think they brought out every chair in the building and had them set up on every aisle, along the back wall, in the foyer entrances.  If there was room on the stage I believe we could’ve put folks up there too.  So sorry to hear that some turned around and left when they realized they couldn’t get into the building, but what a singing it was!!  Our friends at AIC-TV.org broadcast the concert over the internet until we showed up!  Apparently our new wireless microphones were on the same frequency as the church internet router, so every time we got up to sing it would knock out the internet at the church.  About 11:00 that night, as we were finishing our last portion of the program, they asked us to sing again using the wired microphones and explained the situation to us and the audience.  Word had it that there were viewers from all over the world watching The Jonathans……Germany, Brazil, Canada…..even California!!  What an opportunity to share the gospel in song.  On Sunday morning we shared the service with the Yellow Hill Baptist Church Youth Choir who also sang Saturday night.  What a wonderful group of young people from Cherokee, NC.  They turned their trip to Oklahoma into a mission trip ministering to the homeless of Oklahoma City.  These guys and gals truly had a servants heart and we were blessed to be in service with them.  We’re already looking forward to returning to Oklahoma and enjoying more fellowship and worship with these tremendous people.  Thanks Devon and Masters Touch for making our first trip to Oklahoma so memorable.

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Heading West This Weekend

We’re so excited about ministry opportunities this weekend for many reasons.  For starters, this will be our first trip west of the Mississippi!!  We’ll begin Friday night at Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  On Saturday night, we’re at the Devon Fobb Birthday Singing in Oklahoma City, OK, and this concert will be broadcast “live” around the world via the internet.  If you can’t get to Oklahoma City for this special night, you can go to www.AIC-TV.org and watch the entire concert online!  The evening will begin with a special pre-concert broadcast at 6:30 PM CST, with the actual concert getting underway at 7:00 PM CST.  We invite our friends to pray that this online event will not only open other doors for ministry for the Jonathans, but that through this special telecast someone in some far corner of our world may be touched by the spirit of God through song and testimony.  Pray with us, will you?

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